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Home page

Boards (minimap and sections will be in here too)

Supported board items

You are on Confluence and have this new idea pop up in your head? Or you have daily meetings with all these things and stuff that need to be noted and discussed? You are tired of switching back and forth between Confluence and other applications to organize your thoughts and meeting notes? Lean Board can help you with all that and more!

With Lean Board, you can:

  • Generate and share your new ideas quicker.

  • Prepare for your meeting and present your ideas to your colleagues.

  • Collect your colleagues' thoughts and suggestions, then turn them into plans and actions.

  • Visualize your plans and make your meetings more pleasant and helpful.

Home page

You can find all of your boards you created here, no matter they are created to share (Public board) or for your personal thoughts and ideas (Private board).

Management tasks like creating a new board, edit one, or remove ones you don’t need anymore would be easy and straight forward too.



A board is a space you can freely use to create, store, and organize your ideas. Then later turn them into plans, monitor, and move them into actions.

A board can be split into multiple smaller sections, which can help when you need to break down your idea into smaller parts and pieces.

When your idea or plan getting bigger, so do your board and sections. It can be hard to have an overview of all things happening on board, and that when the minimap feature will come in handy. It can give you brief looks at your board and stuffs in it. Your board can be zoomed in and out too.


Supported board items

Lean Board has many board items that you can use to visualize and organize your ideas and plans or to make your meetings become more productive and effective.

  1. Text sticky

  2. Label

  3. Image

  4. Video

  5. Checklist


A template can be used as a blueprint for your future boards. You don’t have to create a new board, organize all the items in it every time you have a new idea, or have a meeting with your colleague. A new board will be ready for you to use in just a few clicks! We also prepare a few templates for frequent use-cases like daily meetings, brain-storming new ideas, etc.