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Lean Board has many board items that you can use to visualize and organize your ideas and plans or to make your meetings become more productive and effective.

  1. Text

    • Create a card that similar to a sticky, and to serve similar purposes.

    • [text-demo.jpg]

  2. Label

    • Similar to text, but without a background. This item can help you mark or name your board items.

    • [label-demo.jpg]

  3. Image

    • You can use this to upload an image from your computer and create an image card.

    • [image-demo.jpg]

  4. Video

    • Search and embed a Youtube video into your board to make it more lively.

    • [video-demo.gif]

  5. Checklist

    • Get a list of tasks to do? This item can help you organize and monitor those tasks.

    • [checklist-demo.gif]

Along with these board items are various format tools for each type like changing color, flexible text size, change text alignment, etc. which will help you organize and express your ideas, meetings much easier.


A template can be used as a blueprint for your future boards. You don’t have to create a new board, organize all the items in it every time you have a new idea, or have a meeting with your colleague. A new board will be ready for you to use in just a few clicks! We also prepare a few templates for frequent use-cases like daily meetings, brain-storming new ideas, etc.