Date fields mapping

From Cloud 1.2.18 version and Server/DC 2.5.9 version TeamBoard TimePlanner supports mapping Start date and End date to Jira fields. Each project in Jira has different Screen Scheme with different Fields therefore you need to configure the field mapping at project scope.

From Jira go to AppsTeamBoard TimePlannerSettingsDate Fields

Select the project you want to configure in the dropdown list, then the same configuration with project board settings appears and you can map the fields.

  • Turn on the option “Map dates with Jira fields” and select the Jira fields you want to map to Start date and End date.

Depend on your project Screen Scheme the issue types in project may not have the fields you picked, this list shows a current statuses. The issue types which don’t have the fields won’t work properly, you should add the fields to the Screen of those issue types

  • Click Save to save the settings, after saving you can migrate the existing start dates and end dates exists in App’s data to Jira fields ( this is one way migration from App to Jira )

After configuring correctly, issues in the project will use Jira fields when planning with TimePlanner

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